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When I have finished my season in I'm often told I have a lot of 'spare time' and should be doing something positive with it. Usually a few months before April I work on preparing my new'ish material for the coming season ahead. I also relax a bit, try and visit people which never works out as well as planned.

In this load of free time I have I occasionally get wee jobs chucked my way creating websites for people. There are a few samples here of the kind of stuff I do. I can't obviously charge by the hour as I like to make sure they not only look fantastic but they work perfectly too, (possibly a bit anal)

Now be aware of rogues and shysters as they thrive on people who don't know much about websites and stuff and tend to promise all sorts of nonsense, stuff that you will never use, need or be interested in Oh!, and that's before they get paid of course. I will only offer advice that will benefit YOU and your business.....so, basically, without you the client, I am sitting sipping strawberry daiquiris and smoking contraband cigars so please, have a look at my sites as you never know what and where it could lead to.

Services What We Do

Website Design

A website can be produced for pretty much anything there are no rules. Whether you make something or have a special talent/skill that people should know about a website is the best and a great way to get your message out there firstly, after that it's up to you with a bit of help from me if you want it.


Various types of websites:
Business - Religious - Portfolio - Ecommerce - Artiste Musician - Wood Turners - Quilters - Photography - Q&A forms - Blogs, and where required, all come complete with contact, request and fill in forms that will direct clients straight to a business email or personal email address.

Commercial Art

For the longest time I have been involved in this field. I was responsible for a load of commercial art when working at my real job for Ad agencies around Glasgow and Edinburgh back in the 70s thru 90s. A very stressful time but we created some beautiful 'things' man!!!.


I'm able to create everything from simple logos right on to complete business stationery design. Letterheads, brochures, calling cards, wall display, billboards, back drops ...so, anything you can imagine in print I can produce the graphics, feel free to bring your napkin scribbles.

Rebranding Services

Re-branding, when you already have an outstanding design and logo I can give you ideas to revamp what you already have and just give your business image a wee tune-up. Now this is a 'time' thing so it will cost for me to be sitting around appearing not to be doing anything but I always do think about the job at hand.

About Company Biography


Extremely transparent but nevertheless, it's always the main obstacle.



Talk to me and tell me what you want and I will work with you to make your napkin scribbles and ranting a reality.


Price is between £10:00 - £20:00 and this has to be paid for every year, we all have to do it, I prefer to bill you.


Price is between £45:00 - £65:00 and this has to be paid for every year, again, I will bill you.

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  • Email: mrgilroy@gmail.com